Selasa, 12 April 2011

It's Hurt

There was a child,
Who put her trust in love,
Who was believed that this world always have a good side,
That everyone is not perfect,but they have a good side,
She thought that every problems can be solve in good and peace ways.

She always believe everyone,
Welcome everyone in a warm ways..
She thought that everbody likes her..

But today,
She is dying,
Her heart brokes into pieces,
Some 'angels' kill her with 'hate poison' in a knife,
Nobody can help her,
Everybody seen her in hate,
In very bad ways..

It's hurt,
Because she cannot breath without love.
It's painful,
Because her heart n her world brokes,
In 'angels' hand's who called theyself 'friends' and 'family'.

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